Shenzhen, China 24-26 April 2025

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Trendy Drinks Zone


Guangdong-Hong Kong-Marco Greater Bay Area | "Trends at the forefront"


New Tea Drinks to Reach $104 Billion Yuan by 2022

Market size is expected to reach $145 billion Yuan in 2023


The total number of new tea beverage shops is about 486,000

The number of shops in Guangdong is the top 1, accounting for nearly 20% of the total number of shops


Tea orders in 2022

Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the Top1 and Top2 "big order players" accordingly.

More and more trendy drink brands are making a splash in the social circles of young people. The label of trendy drinks is no longer just about drinks, but also about work, play, conversation, rest and other social scenarios. Social scenes such as playing, talking and resting are constantly being expanded. At the same time, the trend of beverage brands and market demand is closely integrated, through accurate market positioning and creative promotional techniques, the trend of drinks and consumer behaviour and demand, to bring them a unique social experience, further deepening the brand's influence and market share, but also let the trend of beverage market continues to expand and develop.


Trendy Beverage Zone | One-Stop Purchasing Platform

With Generation Z becoming the main force of consumption, in order to meet the needs of multiple scenarios, the innovative fusion of cross-cuisine categories such as "hot pot + dessert", "barbecue + milk tea", "bookstore + coffee", etc. has become the new calling card of some catering brands. have become the new business cards of some catering brands.

As the first international exhibition with strategic layout of food and beverage market in South China, Anuga Select China will take advantage of the accumulated resources of high-quality catering and circulation channels, and provide a new "Trendy Drinks Zone". From the consumer demand, to provide the market from the raw materials and accessories, tea and beverage equipment, packaging design and other upstream and downstream services of the one-stop shop purchasing platform, to help open up the tide of drinks and catering innovation fusion, for exhibitors to bring high value-added exhibition results.

Focus on South China Catering Buyers

Matchmaking with head brands of tea drink

The organisers will focus on inviting professional visitors from the fields of alcoholic beverage suppliers, distributors, agents, traders, e-commerce, star-rated hotels, KA, large, medium and small superstores, online shops, restaurants, western-style restaurants, theme restaurants and so on.


Exhibit Category

Fashion Drinks / Tea Drinks Raw Materials and Accessories / Tea Drinks Equipment / Tea Drinks Packaging / Tea Drinks Service
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