Shenzhen, China 24-26 April 2024

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Why Anuga Select China

Vibrant Greater Bay Area, Booming Food and Beverage Industry

The strength of economic recovery is accelerating month by month, and catering has become a solid means to boost economic growth. In the first quarter of 2023, China's gross domestic product reached US$ 3.96 trillion; the national catering revenue from January to April 2023 was US$ 22.08 billion , an increase of 19.8% year-on-year.

New Opportunities - Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
· Strong vitality in night-time consumption is a major feature of the catering market. The share of online orders for nighttime dining in the Greater Bay Area are above 40% in 2022, higher than the broader national market.
· Young groups aged 25-30 are the main force of Shenzhen's catering consumption, accounting for 31.4%, higher than that of the nation's catering market.
· "rationality", "affordability", "practicality", "stocking up" and "value for money" are the most popular consumer habits. Cost-effective" has become the five keywords that consumers are most concerned about.
· Consumer' channels are becoming more complex and diversified, offline + online, domain + private domain, short video + live have become a new path of consumption. 5G and digitization are developing rapidly in Shenzhen.


Keep pace with the market development trend, Anuga Select China will be returned on 24-26 April 2024 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China together with the recovering industry. In line with the trend to create a professional trade platform to influence the comprehensive food and beverage market in Southern China and the surrounding Southeast Asian region.

● Starting from 2024, ANUFOOD China will be officially rebranding under Anuga's global strategy and become "Anuga Select China". One unified and recognisable brand worldwide will be more effective in drawing the attention of the global food and beverage industry.

● Leading international food & beverage exhibition in Southern China in terms of both influence and scale. Meet the positioning and needs of middle and high-end food buyers in Southern China and even the whole Chinese market.

● Serving upon premium sectors across dual industry chain of both distribution & catering channels.

100,000+ accurate buyers data from importers, distributors, dealers in restaurants and hotels, and supermarket channels

In parallel with SIGEP China, attract more trade buyers from HORECA