Shenzhen, China 24-26 April 2025

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Prepared Food Zone


Prepared Food & Central Kitchen Zone

Anuga Select China will rely on the cumulative high-quality catering and distribution of dual-channel buyer resources, especially to create a "Prepared Food and Central Kitchen Zone", covering a comprehensive range of prepared food product segments, including prepared food ingredients, prepared raw materials and seasonings, prepared semi-finished products, ready-to-eat products, prepared food, instant food, convenience food, central kitchen equipment, prepared packages, and cold-chain logistics, etc., to help the prepared food enterprises and brands to quickly open up the catering and circulation of the dual-channel in South China.

China Prepared Vegetable Market Size

China Prepared Dishes Market size reached 419.6 billion Yuan in 2022, growing at a year-on-year rate of 21.3%.
Over the next 3-5 years, China's prepared vegetables market size is expected to rise at a high growth rate of around 20% year-on-year, reaching 516.5 billion Yuan in 2023 and 107.2 billion Yuan in 2026.

Guangdong Prepared Vegetable Market Size

In 2022, the market size of Guangdong's prepared dishes will reach 54.5 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 31.3%, far exceeding the 21.3% growth rate of the national prepared dishes market size in 2022.

Guangdong has become one of the core areas for the development of prepared dishes in the country, gathering more than 6,000 prepared dish-related enterprises. Among the top 100 prepared food enterprises, 20 of them are headquartered in Guangdong. In the list of the top 50 new cities of prepared dishes, Guangdong finally occupied 9 seats, with Foshan, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Zhanjiang and Zhaoqing leading strongly, followed by Shantou, Chaozhou, Shenzhen and Maoming.


Relevant policy support

2023 Central Document No.1 first mentioned "cultivate and develop the prepared vegetable industry". Guangdong is the birthplace of China's prepared vegetable industry. Over the past three years, Guangdong's prepared vegetables have developed rapidly and led the country, topping the list of provinces in China's Prepared Vegetable Industry Development Index for two consecutive years.

In March 2023, Guangdong Province issued the "Ten Measures to Accelerate the High-Quality Development of Guangdong's Prepared Vegetable Industry", which aims to build a circulation system for prepared vegetables; cultivate a number of cross-regional leading enterprises in the storage and cold-chain logistics of prepared vegetables; carry out marketing campaigns and encourage prepared vegetable enterprises to create franchises; and promote prepared vegetables to the international market.