Shenzhen, China 24-26 April 2025

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Fermented Food and Nutrition Health Forum

Forum BackgroundFermented food accounts for one-third of the daily food consumption for the people, and in China fermented food is an essential component in food industry with a long history and abund

  • Date: 2024.04.25 14:00 -16:30
  • Location: Forum A, 1-X58
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Forum Background

Fermented food accounts for one-third of the daily food consumption for the people, and in China fermented food is an essential component in food industry with a long history and abundant variety. Fermented food, created through the interaction of the three-body organisms (microorganisms, animals, and plants), not only produces enjoyable flavours and tastes, but also, more importantly, generates mysterious factors that are beneficial to human health through complex metabolic processes. Some of these factors are known, while others remain unknown and require further exploration.

Forum Theme
This forum, with the theme "Fermented Food - The Great Health Secret Co-brewed by the Three-body Organisms," will focus on the relationship between fermented food and nutrition, research progress in fermented food, and development trends. Experts, scholars, research institutions, technology research and development centers, and leading companies in the field of fermented food will be invited to participate, sharing the tremendous potential of fermented food in the health industry, interpreting the current development status and future trends of fermented food, and jointly seeking the great health secret co-brewed by the three-body organisms.

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Koelnmesse (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch

Ms. Vanessa Long
Tel.:+86 21 6390 6161-819

Fax:+86 21 6390 6858

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Welcome Message

Ms. Xiao Dan

Vice General Manager, Sinolight Corporation;Chairman, China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation industries

Ms. Helen Lin

Senior Project Director, Koelnmesse (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Ms. Zhao Liqing

Director, Department of Food Science and Engineering, Shenzhen University


Cross-Border Food Trends and Opportunities

Ms. Xu Qingqing

Senior industry operations Specialist, Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., LTD.


Development of Saltiness Enhancing Peptides and Their Application in Meat Products

Mr. Sun Weizheng

Professor, South China University of Technology

14:30-14:45Panoramic Risk ldentification of Microbial Safety in Food Production Processes

Mr. Guo Weipeng

Professor, Senior Engineer of Institute of Microbiology, Guangdong Academy of Sciences


Development and Promotion of Aloe Functional Products

Ms. Sun Meiling

Professor, Zhixing College, Hubei University

15:00-15:15Uncovering the Effects of Vitamin B12 on the Gut to Alleviate Nerve Damage

Ms. Zhang Jiaojiao

Zhang Jiaojiao Lecturer, Zhejiang Foresty & Farming University

Press Release

15:35-15:50Soy Into Natto, Fermented out of the Health Code

Mr. Fu Xiaofen

Dean of Yaning Health Food lnnovation Research lnstitute, PhD in Biochemistry, Tsinghua University


Golden Flower Black Tea, A New Breed of Pure Fermented Black Tea

Ms. Su Yue

National Senior Tea Master and Tea Evaluator, Shandong YuanZheng Tea Industry CO. ,LTD.

16:05-16:20Influence of lsomaltolose on the Development Trend of Functional Food industry

Mr. Robinson

General Manager, Beijing Fuyuantang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

16:20-16:35Application of Test Piece Method in Rapid Detection of Food Microorganism

Mr. Teng Kunlun

Deputy Manager of Quality Technology, Guangdong Huankai Biotechnology Co., LTD.

16:35-17:00Award Ceremony