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Grain-fed to Tenderness: Taste of U.S. Pork

美国肉类出口协会美国肉类出口协会是一个非营利的畜肉推广组织。协会成立的宗旨是为美国牛肉、猪肉、羊肉和犊牛肉开拓出口商机。我们在全球八十多个国家和地区进行市场拓展活动,涉猎范围主要包括:- 市场推广——包括推广营销活动、商务研讨会、消费者教育活动、广告等。- 贸易服务——通过在世界各地所建立的良好贸易网络,将各地市场合适的买家及买家紧密联系起来。- 市场准入——为美国政府和肉类出口商提供出口相关贸易

  • Date: 25.04.2024
  • Location: 1-M50,Foodie Space
  • Organizer: U.S. MEAT EXPORT FEDEREATION, Koelnmesse (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Partners:

The U.S. Meat Export Federation is a non-profit livestock and meat promotion organisation. It was established to develop export opportunities for U.S. beef, pork, lamb and calf meat. We conduct market development activities in more than eighty countries and territories around the world, covering the following areas:

- Marketing - including promotional marketing campaigns, business seminars, consumer education campaigns, advertising and more.

- Trade Services - connecting the right buyers and buyers in the right markets through well-established trade networks around the world.

- Market Access - Providing the U.S. government and meat exporters with advice and market information on export-related trade issues.

Celebrity Chef Live Cooking

Consumers in the United States generally have the perception that pork is highly nutritious, low in calories. Cooked and trimmed American pork is 31 per cent lower in total fat, 29 per cent lower in saturated fat, 14 per cent lower in calories and 10 per cent lower in cholesterol.


The U.S. pork industry has always provided high-quality pork products that are wholesome, consistent and safe. U.S. pork production is dominated by the world-renowned "Barn Belt of the World" in the Midwest of the United States. The pork industry throughout the United States is based on corn as the main feed. Feed, technology, good husbandry practices, and proper livestock handling are important factors that enable the U.S. to provide safe, high-quality pork to the rest of the world.

The U.S. Meat Association brought four star products to the event:

-U.S. Centre Section Pork Merlot

-U.S. Pork Ribs

-U.S. Pork Feet

-U.S. Pork Belly.

Star chefs will be invited to give a live cooking based on the four products, and two dishes each of Western and Chinese style using American pork as ingredients will bring you an extraordinary tasting experience.


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