Shenzhen, China 24-26 April 2025

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Foodie Athlete

Anuga, the world's leading food and beverage exhibition, jointly with SIGEP, the international sweet event, provide a fully integrated and upgraded range of exhibits in ShenZhen.

Foodie Athlete - ShenZhen

Foodie Athlete Shenzhen - Located at Yongxinhui, Shenzhen. Foodie Athlete is integrated with Diffuse Life Theatre, will focus on coffee, ice cream and F&B brands,  and will have a collection of coffee and ice cream shops, combining bakery, pastry, snacks, speciality food, and other fusion, to provide an immersive experience of the sweet "drinking ice".

Lifestyle | Fashion Retail | At your own pace

Unlocking ideas, exploring new inspiration, healing taste buds with food, and encountering a life of texture. Here, you can discover the many ways to live an aesthetically pleasing lifestyle, explore the map of culinary inspiration, and enrich and warm your everyday life.


Brand Recruitment Category



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Sweet Market

Gelato | Coffee | Wine & Spirits | Imported Foods

A collection of 30+ famous coffee, ice cream and F&B brands, with offee and ice cream shops, combining bakery, pastry, dairy products, snacks, speciality food, etc., constitute a large-scale sweet party.


Trend Gathering Place

Interactive Photo Zone | Coffee Grounds Eco-Programme | Gift Zone

"We hope that everyone who walks into this space can feel free to play and laugh like a child."


Sharing Stage

Coffee Cupping | Coffee Flower Show | Gelato Star Chef Show

Meet the sweetness, feel the sweetness


Coffee grounds Eco-Programme

Coffee Grounds Mini Cup & Coffee Grounds Planter

Eco-friendly light travelling, easy drinking ice, waiting for you to unlock the card!

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